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Terms of Sales

General Terms of Business

All items included in the online catalogue of www.crosShop.eu may be purchased pursuant to the Conditions laid down by the company Crosshop Srl (having its seat in Carnago (Va), via Verdi No. 24, Italy; VAT Reg. No. 03023720125).
The Purchase of the requested items will take place according to the following stages:

  • By submitting an Order, the Customer presents to Crosshop Srl a Purchase Proposal of the selected items. The communication of the order implies an express consent (pursuant to Art. 10, Legislative Decree 185/1999) to receive all subsequent communications, which exclusively aim at concluding and performing the Contract of Sale.
  • Crosshop Srl reserves its incontestable right to accept or reject the Purchase Proposal.
  • Available products - Crosshop Srl will verify the actual stock availability of the requested items; the Customer will be able to display and control the allocation of items in the dedicated confidential area.
    Given the possibility to access and submit orders online, and therefore to modify the product availability in real team, Crosshop Srl does not guarantee the allocation of the ordered items until they will be displayed in the “Order Status” area.
  • Unavailable or incoming items - Crosshop Srl allows ordering unavailable or incoming items by undertaking the commitment to place the order to its supplier. Should this be the case, Crosshop Srl will process the Order and will communicate via e-mail the estimated time to restock the product, according to the information provided by the supplier. If on the scheduled date the items will still be unliveable, both Parties are entitled to terminate the Purchase Order – but only with reference to the out-of-stock items. The Parties may also agree upon a new term, always according to the estimated availability times communicated by the supplier.

N.B. The Order will be processed only if all requested items are available. Therefore, no partial shipment will be made (unless specifically requested by the Customer). Crosshop Srl reserves the right to request all information needed to verify the correctness and congruence of the shipping details stated in the Customer’s Order before shipping the ordered items.

Finally, Crosshop Srl will hand the requested items over to the courier appointed to deliver them to the stated address.

Method of Payment

Cash on Delivery

* If choosing this method, payment will be due upon delivery.

* In Italy, the maximum amount for Cash on Delivery shipments is of 700.00€ (including VAT) when choosing express courier or 516.00€ (including VAT) the standard courier. Should the amount exceed these limits, a bank transfer will be requested.

* This method of payment entails an additional cost of 2.50€ to cover the fees.

All refusal of any items to be paid COD – due to their non-acceptance or to a wrong delivery address – implicate the reimbursement of the expenses incurred for the shipment and warehousing to Crosshop Srl, as well a as compensation corresponding to 20% of the value of the sale. If, after 7 days from the first reminder, the payment will not be made, deferred interests equal to legal interest rate plus two percentage points will apply to the due amount. Any recovery costs shall be borne by the Customer.

Bank Transfer

* Once the availability will be confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the bank details to carry out the money transfer.

* After receiving the payment confirmation (please, send a copy of your payment via fax +39 0331 1771983 or e-mail), the items will be reserved and shipped as soon as your bank will confirm the positive outcome of the transaction.

Warning: due to the automated management, any fax lacking fundamental information could cause delay in dispatching and delivering the order.

My Bank

This system allows you to safely pay online and use your home banking system.

MyBank creates a direct link between your online bank account and our online bank, which eliminates the need to collect and store personal data. Your identity and confidential data are protected. Immediate authorisation of payments reduces risk of fraud and charge-backs. With MyBank all on-line transactions occur in real time, against 24/48 hours usually needed when using a traditional bank transfer for the confirmation of credit.

When choosing this method of payment, a list of all associated banks will be shown.

Credit Card Pay Pal

* This method of payment does not entail any additional costs on your charge.

Crosshop Srl relies upon the secure system PayPal to pay online. Fraud prevention measures and the possibility to buy without sharing financial information contribute to guarantee safe transactions. With PayPal you will benefit from purchase protection programs and specialized customer services.

Secure Payments

We use the secure system SSL for all payments through credit card.

When confirming your order, you will be redirected to the safe PayPal server.

The information relative to the credit card will be sent over an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted protected connection for the authorization and charge, thus making it impossible for external users to intercept this data.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WE WILL RECEIVE NOT CREDIT CARD NUMBER.. We will only be informed of the outcome of the operation and the authorization provided by the credit card service provider. This procedure is completely safe and guarantees both the buyer and the seller.

Protocol SSL

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol developed by Netscape for securing data communications over the internet. SSL uses a symmetric key algorithm to encrypt the data transfer.

Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer support the SSL system on the client PC, whereas, with respect to the server, the majority of websites use the SSL protocol to obtain confidential information from the user, i.e. credit card numbers.

A server can be defined “secure” if is able to ensure the encryption of confidential and sensitive data with a standardized method.

How to recognize a secure website – SSL

A server is secure when the URL of the website begins with https:// .

Usually, an URL starts with http://.

For further information

Secure Code Credit Card

SecureCode is a security service designed to protect the card holder from unauthorized online transactions.

After having subscribed the service and chosen a password, the card holder will have to enter the SecureCode password when paying a purchase order online with a Visa or Mastercard in order to authorize the transaction.

Procedures to request a pin secure code may vary from provider to provider. Simply contact your bank client service or bank branch, or access your Home Banking and check the section Cards >> Password management and Pin.

Order Cancellation Policy

Orders may be cancelled at any processing stages. To inform of the cancellation, please contact the number +39 0331 1771876 or send an e-mail to ordini@crosshop.eu.
The Customer cannot cancel any order if Crosshop Srl expressively ordered the items to its suppliers or if the items are about to be shipped (i.e. packaged and invoiced).

Items Delivery – Check all Items upon Delivery

Unless otherwise explicitly requested by our Customer Service, the ordered items will be delivered to street level. The additional price for the delivery to other floors may vary according to the item, building facilities, and delivery area. Therefore, it must be requested in advance to the Customer Service.

Upon delivery of the items by the courier, the customer is required to:

  • Check that the number of delivered packages corresponds to what is stated in the accompanying document;
  • Check that the package is not damaged, wet, or otherwise altered;
  • To keep the Shipping Document contained in the outer envelope on one of the packages or delivered by the courier;
  • Should the number of delivered packages not correspond to what is stated in the document, to immediately contest it to the courier;
  • Should the items not correspond to those ordered, Crosshop Srl will bear the cost of replacement and/or integration.

Carefully control the package upon delivery. If the package is damaged, wet, or otherwise altered (e.g. the package is closed with the courier tape), immediately state it on the courier bulletin by writing "Items subject to inspection" and "describe the external damage".
Should this information be lacking, we will not be able to activate the insurance procedure to claim damages, if the items actually result damage once that the package has been opened.

Return or Substitute Items

We will accept the return or substitution of any item within and not later than a month after the selling date reported on the receipt or invoice. The items must be in perfect conditions, functioning, resalable, and in its original intact packaging. The item will be substituted or fully refunded, with the exception of the transport costs, which cannot be refunded.

Exemption of Liability

Crosshop Srl shall not be held liable for any indirect or consequential damages borne by the Customer when using the purchased items (including damages resulting from data loss, delivery delays, or force majeure) nor for the impossibility of maintenance or restoration after the guarantee period. Should any problem arise during the guarantee period, Crosshop Srl, at its sole discretion, will substitute the item with another different model with similar or higher technical characteristics.

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